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Who is the engineer in WandaVision? A look at the leading candidates from Marvel's past (and future)

WandaVision engineer
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Beyond WandaVision's big cameo in episode 5, one blink-and-you'll-miss-it mystery still remains. While trying to find out the truth behind Westview, SWORD's Monica Rambeau decided to draft in some much-needed help in the form of an "engineer" she's chummy with. But, outside of a quick close up on the phone she used to text them, we're still none the wiser as to who it might be.

Marvel has a long, long history of superheroes and civilians capable in science, as well as those adept at tinkering with technology. While Monica specifically mentioned it was an engineer of the aerospace variety in her powwow with Randal Park's Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis, the field is still pretty wide open when it comes to the identity of the unnamed engineer.

But it's got to be someone familiar, right? From the MCU's Mightiest Heroes to those we've yet to meet – here are the five most likely candidates.

Reed Richards

Reed Richards

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The Fantastic Four are officially coming to the MCU at some point in the near future. One line of SWORD dialogue even suggested we might have already heard about their origins in WandaVision. But will Reed Richards – aka Mister Fantastic – show his stretchy face in the first Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios?

After all, the leader of the Fantastic Four is characterized in the comics by his obsessive desire to improve the world through science, and he is a dab hand at constructing all manner of weird and wonderful machines to help him achieve that. Being an "aerospace engineer" certainly falls under that remit given his history as an astronaut, and there's now the potential SWORD connection between Monica and Reed to ponder.

As a character – and in terms of sheer intellect and brain power – Reed Richards is the perfect fit. However, we just can't see Marvel dropping a Fantastic Four appearance this soon and with so little fanfare. Still, never say never…

Riri Williams (Ironheart)


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Marvel is intent on introducing a new generation of superheroes into the mix. Monica, of course, is the daughter of Maria Rambeau and the recasting of Cassie Lang hints at a greater role for Ant-Man's offspring.

It's another, less heralded superhero, that could be about to push forward into unknown territory, however. Ironheart has her own Marvel TV series on the way – as announced in 2020 – and is set to be played by Dominique Thorne. In the comics, the character is a super-smart engineering student and Tony Stark even mentors her as she soups up her own iron suits and fights evil.

It feels like a perfect fit and would offer the most organic way to bring her into the MCU fold without overshadowing the core plot in the way a Fantastic Four or X-Men member would.

War Machine (Rhodey)

War Machine Rhodey

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Rhodey is a strong candidate for the mysterious engineer, given his already established place in the MCU. While he’s never actually been an aerospace engineer, as War Machine he’s probably got the smarts to have become one since we saw him last. He might have a hand in Iron Man’s technology following Tony Stark’s death, too, which could make him suited for the role. Plus, he could have a connection with Captain Marvel, so it’d make sense for Monica, who was introduced in the hero’s solo film, to know of him.

In the Marvel comics, Carol Danvers and Rhodey strike up a relationship. Though they haven’t in the MCU, at least not yet, they could have in the sliver of space between Endgame and WandaVision – or they could be a thing already, which might have been teased in the last Avengers movie. When Black Widow speaks to her fellow heroes, who have appeared via hologram, Captain Marvel and Rhodey share a brief glance, and Carol tells him, “good luck.” A bit tenuous? Maybe, but who’s to say the two weren’t seeing each other on the down low in Endgame’s five year time jump?


Shuri in Marvel's Black Panther

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It's not a stretch to suggest Shuri is the smartest person in the MCU, putting even Iron Man's weighty intellect to shame before his untimely death. The Wakandan scientist, and sister of T'Challa, certainly wasn't shy about showing off her nation's advances in technology compared to the rest of the world in Black Panther.

So, could the brainbox turn up in WandaVision? Shuri being snapped away at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, much like Monica Rambeau, would mean that the pair would have had to have struck up a friendship pre-Infinity War, then they would have to reconnect just a month after the Snap. Not beyond the realms of possibility for sure but, given Wakanda's secretive nature up until a year before Infinity War, it's pretty unlikely.


Beast X-Men

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Strange things have happened in WandaVision recently. Pietro Maximoff showed up out of no-where, but not the version we were expecting. Could another X-Men crossover be about to happen? Should a mutant answer Rambeau's call, the most obvious answer would come from Hank McCoy, AKA The Beast, a character previously played by Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Hoult in the Fox-released Marvel movies.

The character is a well-known brainiac, with superhuman intellect to match his strength, and, while primarily known for his interest in genetics, Hank also teaches science and math at Xavier's school for the gifted. Not exactly an aerospace engineer, but in more recent comics, he's even been a member of SWORD. There's no doubt Hank would fit the bill to help with the ongoing situation at Westview – but, realistically, would Marvel introduce this X-Men character so nonchalantly? There's no reason for him to crossover the multiverse, unlike Quicksilver, who has ties to the reality-bending Wanda. It's an outside bet – but never discount The Beast...

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