Vocal support for PS3

Thursday 13 April 2006
PlayStation 3 will run an 'always on' operating system behind the scenes as you play its next-gen games. This will enable online gamers to trade insults, comebacks and try-hard one-liners at all times across any PS3 title.

A side-mounted pane will appear on a button press to allow players to access the operating system and its functions, much like the 'blade' design of Xbox 360's Dashboard. This info-burst comes courtesy of nameless sources involved in PS3's development, according to website PS3Portal.

While 360's operating system performs some neat tasks, it can occasionally be clunky and closer to the kind of techno-wrangling normally only experienced by PC gamers. We're hoping that Sony's design makes for a more streamlined experience. After all, we want to play games.