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Viewtiful Joe 2 memory mayhem

How do you annoy an American? (Apart from making a game about putting three rounds into an ex-President's polygon-modelled skull.) How about destroying the entire contents of his (or her) PS2 memory card? Well, that's what has happened recently in the US - and it was all down to Sony and Viewtiful Joe 2.

The problem arose thanks to a festive demo CD sent out by Sony America that contained a demo for Joe 2 which, when played, resulted in all of those dutifully completed San Andreas missions and tastefully modded motors being sent the same way as John F was.

But don't worry: Sony US are fully aware of the problem, sending out emails and postcards to all the disc owners warning them to whip out those small black slabs of plastic before they play the demo. However, the truly amazing element of this story is that no-one has attempted to achieve 'closure' by filing a lawsuit. Not, yet anyway.

But while those transatlantic types are fretting/reloading/suing, we Brits can sit back and enjoy a taste of the offending game without any of the worry. So why not bask in the warming emotion known as schadenfreude, stoke the fires of your browser and guide it towards the little link below?

Viewtiful Joe 2 is released in the UK for PS2 and Gamecube in April 2005