UT2007's Surprise Sneak Peek

Two of Unreal Tournament 2007's bigwigs took the stage at Midway's media event in late February to give the press a small but potent peek at the upcoming PS3 and PC shooter. Throughout the presentation, Mark Rein, vice president of developer Epic Games, stressed that they were showing “a lot of unfinished stuff, a lot of unpolished stuff." Honestly, you'd never know it.

While Rein did announce that the demo was running on a quad SLI rig (that's four blazing-fast NVidia GeForce 7800 GTX video cards running in unison), he was quick to point out that “you don't need all that to play UT." Of course, if you happen to have a few thousand dollars of PC hardware lying around when UT2007 is released, the game will put your PC through its paces. (PS3 owners won't have to worry.)