Untold Legends makes magic

Monday 21 August 2006
New footage from PS3 dungeon crawl Untold Legends Dark Kingdom reveals the third - and final - character class, the Mage, strutting his arcane stuff. Click the images tab above to see him bringing a little light(ning) into the Dark Kingdom, or the movies tab to watch his cape displaying the awesome power of PS3's cloth physics.

Above: No nerdy book-learning type, the Mage can hold his own in a stand-up fight

The Mage joins the previously announced Scout and Brute to fill out Dark Kingdom's career opportunities - perhaps a couple less choices than we were expecting from the series' PSP originals. Publisher and developer Sony Online Entertainment claims that the environmental interaction and physics murder will more than make up for it, though.

We'll find out when Dark Kingdom launches with PS3 this November.