TV REVIEW Lost 4.07 "Ji Yeon"

Original US air date: 13/3/08

Written by: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Stephen Semel


Flashback/Foward: Having returned to civilisation, Sun gives birth, while Jin buys a panda.

In the Present: Jin and Sun decide to join Locke’s group, but Juliet stops them by telling Jin about his wife’s affair.

Verdict: What a con! Inexplicably fan sites have given this episode a thumbs up, when all it is a shameless piece of scriptwriting smoke and mirrors. The flashback/foward is just one big joke on the audience with a damp squib of a punchline, (though if you picked up on the “Year of the Dragon” reference you’d realised that Jin’s story was in a different time period to Sun’s). Having Sun cry out Jin’s name during labour is manipulative writing of the laziest kind. The upshot is: the whole flashback/forward is fairly pointless and pretty tedious, revealing very little about the characters involved. The “present” storylines don’t add much either. The captain tells Sayid what pretty much what already know (or guessed): so Charles Wedmore owns the boat – we’ve worked that out, thank you. Only the revelation that Michael is Ben’s spy on the boat makes the episode worthwhile.

Day: 97-8, 27-8 December 2004 (26 December on the boat, although Sayid says it was “three days ago” he talked to Ben in the camp, a meeting which took place on 24 December – a mistake or more elastic time shenanigans? ).

Cliffhanger: Jin is dead.

Trivia: Regina, the boat crewmember who later kills herself, is reading Jules Verne’s Survivors of the Chancellor, which concerns a shipwreck.

Oceanic Who? Sun is confirmed as the fifth of the Oceanic Six. Jin’s headstone claims he died on the day of the crash, so he can’t be a returnee.

Best Line:
Sayid: "I still want to talk to the Captain."
Lapidus: "No you don’t."

Dave Golder

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