TV REVIEW Lost 4.06 "The Other Woman"

Original US air date: 6/3/08

Written by: Drew Goddard, Christina M Kim

Directed by: Eric Laneuville


Flashback: Ben becomes jealous of Juliet’s other lover.

In the Present: Ben bargains with Locke for his freedom, while Daniel and Charlotte head to a bunker containing poisoned gas – do they intend to unleash it?

Verdict: Lost’s first humdrum episode of the season with a so-what? flashback, a dud cliffhanger and characters acting stupidly. It’s hard to believe that Locke would let Ben go free, no matter what the nature of Ben’s revelation. The action in the Tempest seems a bit contrived as well. You just want one of the our heroes to go to Charlotte and Daniel, “Why didn’t you just tell us what you were up to rather than hit Kate over the head with a gun?” Instead we get a relapse to season two when none of the main characters seem interested in asking the questions foremoat in the audience’s minds.

Day: 96-7, 26-7 December ’04.

Cliffhanger: Sawyer and Hurley do a comedy double take when they see Ben walking free.

Speculation: In the Tempest there’s a machine labelled BOX MAKER. Locke used be a box company salesman. Is this a subtle metaphor that Locke is merely a cog in a machine being used by the island? Or is that stretching things just a little bit too much?

Trivia: According to the official Lost podcast for this story the Tempest was referenced on the map Locke saw in “Lockdown” though you’d be hard-pressed to see it. Goodwin previously appeared in “...And Found”, “The Other 48 Days”, “A Tale of Two Cities” and “One of Us”.

Best Line:
Harper: "Ben is exactly where he wants to be."

Dave Golder

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