TV REVIEW Lost 4.04 "Eggtown"

Original US air date: 21/2/08

Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Greggory Nations

Directed by: Stephen Williams


Flash Forward: Kate’s on trial for murdering her dad.

In the Present: Kate frees Miles and takes him to see Ben, where Miles tries to blackmail him to the tune of $3.2 million.

Verdict: There are so many double crosses going on in this show you need a flow diagram like the London Tube map to keep tabs. It’s great to see Locke losing his cool; even better to see Kate accuse him of being a dictator. One thing that keeps Lost watchable is that the viewer genuinely has little clue about which characters are in the right, and it’s fun to keep guessing. On the other hand, Kate’s flashforward is a tad bland with few new revelations bar the intriguing, if hardly jawdropping, final twist (Aaron not having been built up as a major player so far). Also, the information Kate wants from Miles seem rather unexciting considering the lengths she goes to in order to get it. But Miles’s deal with Ben and Locke’s subsequent reaction – sticking a hand grenade in Miles’s mouth and telling him to bite down on the pin – make it all worthwhile. And Sawyer bunking with Hurley – classic!

Day: 95-6, 25-6 December ’04.

Cliffhanger: Kate’s future “son” is... Aaron!

Did You Spot? Locke gives Ben a copy of Philip K Dick’s Valis; Sawyer’s reading Adolfo Bioy Casares’s The Invention of Morel. Google ’em – the plots could be fan theories of what Lost is about.

The Numbers: Jack lies that only 8 people survived the crash; a lawyer offers Kate a 4 year jail sentence.

Oceanic Who? Is baby Aaron one of the Oceanic six? There’s certainly a case to be made but wouldn’t you be a bit disappointed if he is?

Best Line:
Miles: "At least be woman enough to tell me you want to use me for something."

Dave Golder

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