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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Arctic Open 

Ski or Ride 

Wet Paint: Don't allow your front wheel to touch the red handrail at the end of the track

Wheelie up this red handrail at the end of the track, ensuring your front wheel doesn't touch down at any point.

If your wheel does touch down, hit Return to Last Checkpoint to go back to the start of the handrail and try again--you can have as many attempts as you like.

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Shear Pressure 

Dizzy Heights: Perform at least 4 flips from a single jump

When you reach the final jump, drop down to the chimney below and an explosion will blast you into the air.

Now simply hold back or forward on the left stick to keep flipping until the Challenge notification appears.

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Shivering Isles 

Making Waves: Cannonball into the water from the highest peak

When you reach this sunlit peak, bailout after jumping off the top then hold the left trigger to curl up into a cannonball position.

While holding the trigger keep pushing right on the stick to fall forwards towards the water--it doesn't matter if you hit the track on the way down as long as you keep going.

Once you hit the water the notification should appear--if it doesn't, hit Return to Last Checkpoint and try it again.

Fragile. Be Careful: Do not break the golden pillar!

From this peak, get up as much speed on your approach as possible.

When you hit the next part of the track, you need to try and lean back to bounce yourself over the cap at the end of the golden pillar.

With some luck, you'll leave the track and clear the end of the pillar without breaking it. Unfortunately if you knock it off, you'll need to restart the course to reset it.

Path to Enlightenment: Find the secret pathway

Drive up the first ramp at the start of the course but don't clear it. Instead, allow yourself to roll backwards down it and free-wheel off the end of the track--manually reversing won't give you enough speed to reach the rising air current hidden off-screen.

When you hit this air current you'll be launched upwards onto a hidden track, which you need to clear on a faultless run.

The challenge is completed once you reach this portal at the end of the hidden track. If you crash at any point then follow the original method to reach the upper level again.

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Peak Performance 

Demolitions Side Job: Trigger the switches to collapse the tower

Drop slowly off this ramp at the top of the tower to land on the ledge below.

Once safely on the ledge, reverse into the switch to trigger it.

Further down the course, stop after clearing the fence with the 'No Bikes' sign.

Back up to the other side of the fence to trigger the second switch, then finish the course to complete the challenge.

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Deep Freeze 

Human Flag: Take a rest on the tip of the flag pole

Bailout from the jump over the street near the end of the track and aim your rider towards the end of the flag pole.

Hold Y/Triangle so you grab on to the end of the flag pole when you hit it and the notification should appear--if it doesn't, hit Return to Last Checkpoint and try again.

Unnatural Disaster: Use explosives to create a tremor

Back up at the start of the track to collect the explosive backpack from the rail.

Make your way quickly down the track and fall down the gap just after the ramp with a blue parking 'P' sign at the bottom, to complete the challenge when the explosives detonate.

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Fusion Factory 

Dizzier Heights: Perform and safely land at least 7 flips from the opening launch

Hold left on the stick as soon as the level starts to continue doing backflips. Try and count 7 as you spin around and push right on the stick to level out as you reach the final flip.

Coasterphobia: Perform a zero fault run without riding the loop

When you reach the loop, slow down and jump off the ramp so you barely clear the bar in front of you. You can't touch the loop, so don't attempt to land inside it then reverse back out as it won't count.

Once you hit the track below, try to get up as much speed as possible and bunny hop as you launch off the end to reach the next section above you--if you crash at this point you'll need to reset the track and start again.

Welcome to Warp Zone 1!: Find and complete the warp zone!

Lower your speed as you hit the loop approach ramp, so you drop just underneath the loop to the hidden track below.

Ride forward here to enter the warp portal that appears.

Now make your way through this tricky obstacle course, to complete the challenge once you reach the warp portal at the other end.

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