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Toy Story 3 reaches for the sky

Knight And Day

Toy Story 3 warned all the competition to buzz off at this box office this weekend, holding on to the top spot for a second week in a row.

Taking a healthy $59m in tickets, the phenomenally successful threequel has already scooped up in two weeks as much mulah as it took Shrek Forever After to bag in six ($226m).

On the flipside, sad faces are probably prominent at the breakfast table in the Cruise household – action man Tom’s latest big screen shoot-em-up Knight And Day opened with an underwhelming $27m, despite getting a two day head start and bowing on a Wednesday.

Adding insult to injury, Cruise was pipped to second place by Adam Sandler’s new comedy Grown Ups , which took $41m, shoving Cruise into third.

Meanwhile, The Karate Kid opened in 77 more cinemas, but saw its profits plunge 48%, landing it in fourth, and The A-Team went for fifth with just $6m.

How did the back half of the top ten look? Well, Get Him To The Greek saw audiences drop by 50%, going for sixth place and $3m, while Shrek Forever After ’s dwindling attendance meant the ogre only took $2.8m this weekend in seventh.

Prince Of Persia did about as well, in at eighth with $2.8m, while box office turkeys Killers and Jonah Hex were in ninth and tenth with $2m and $1.3m. Iron Man 2 , after eight weeks in the top ten, finally got toppled from the charts (settling for 11th place).

What did you see this weekend?