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Toxic Avenger creator joins The Gunstringer cast

Kaufman is something of legend in horror circles for creating such Troma brand – ahem – 'hits' as The Toxic Avenger (Toxie to friends), Dumpster Baby and Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead. He has agreed to join a panel of mock in-game reviewers who will critique a player's performance as they direct a cowboy puppet through various 'scenes' of wild west tomfoolery.

"I’ve been a fan of Lloyd Kaufman and Troma for a long time. Being a fan is one thing, but how do you convince one of your favorite indie film directors into working with you on a new project? Start by cold calling him and hope he falls for it.," wrote game director Bill Muehl on The Gunstringer blog, recalling his initial contact with Kaufman.

Adding his side of the story, Kaufman said: "So I got a call from Bill here and he said he wanted my help but he didn’t have any money for me. I do that to people all the time so I knew what he was up to. He was trying to use the master’s tricks back on the master! I figured, well it’s been two decades since I gave the world The Toxic Crusaders, the best video game of the 20th century. I’ve waited a long time but The Gunstringer, being a true indie production with a crazy amount of personality, is the right game at the right time for some Troma love. We are making magic together."

After an exhaustive search (read: five seconds on YouTube), our top researchers were able to find footage of the rare and seminal Toxic Crusaders game for NES. May you enjoy the fruits of our labor:

In addition to Kaufman, The Gunstringer will feature critics culled from Twisted Pixel's staff and the video game and film community, including co-founder Alex Navarro. The game is being designed for release on XBLA this year.

[Source: The Gunstringer]

May 3, 2011

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