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Todd Howard masterfully teases more Elder Scrolls 6 details: "The first thing we do is the world, so we've known for a while where it's set"

Elder Scrolls fans are still shook from that surprise E3 announcement of Elder Scrolls 6, even if all we got was a landscape and a font. Now Bethesda boss Todd Howard is blessing the loyal and the dedicated a few crumbs of delicious development detail. No work on a new Elder Scrolls 6 engine yet but we do have progress on a location. 

"The first thing we do is the world, so we've known for a while where it's set," he told Eurogamer, before refusing to confirm or deny theories that it would be Hammerfell. He also suggested that the teaser trailer does hold some clues.

"You can't - it's intentionally... You can rule some things out. And you can rule some things in."

After careful study we decided to place our bets on High Rock, what with all that craggy terrain, but the world of Elder Scrolls isn't exactly short on lore and locations, so the eventual reveal might still surprise us. Honestly, we're just happy that we know the game is happening. 

"It's better to say we're making it," said Howard. "It makes life a little bit easier for us. [If we didn't say anything, fans] would be disappointed and they'd still ask 'What about Starfield?' and 'What about Elder Scrolls 6?' But it's also exciting! We're excited; we want to share it with everybody."

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