Thor set to rise on big screen

Marvel don’t waste any time – no sooner have they branched out as a stand-alone production company than they’re getting scripts scribbled and slinging projects into production.

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man is set to be the first Marvel Enterprises production but hot on its heels will be several more projects, one of which could be a tale about the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

The blonde-locked hammer swinger was thought to be on his way to multiplexes via the pen of Poseidon screenwriter Mark Protosevich. However, Newsarama reports that Marvel announced David Goyer as the man at the typewriter.

Speaking at last weekends Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Marvel mouthpiece J Michael Straczynski told the gathered throng that Batman Begins writer Goyer was currently writing the treatment, although there was no date yet for the start of production.

Iron Man is slated to begin shooting next year for a May 2008 release, so Thor isn’t in any hurry to get to the screen. And Goyer will presumably need to report back to Christopher Nolan’s garage quick-smart to begin thrashing out the next adventure for Batman.