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The Greater Spotted David Tennant

David Tennant must be going for some kind of record – most appearances on different TV and radio shows in a single month. As the publicity machine whirs into action for "The End Of Time" he seems to have been booked onto every possible programme imaginable. We already know about:

* Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Wednesday 16 December, 10pm BBC2)
* QI (Thursday 24 December, 10pm BBC1)
* The Christmas Catherine Tate Show
* Hamlet (his RSC performance is being shown on TV on Boxing Day)
* The Alan Carr Show
* Reading the Bedtime Story on CBeebies
* Desert Island Discs on the day after Boxing Day (let’s see… Proclaimers, perhaps?)
* Who On Who? – David interviewing Russell T Davies on Radio 2 on 29 December
* Doctor Who being repeated on BBC3 ad nauseam
* Casanova being repeated on Watch, The Chatterley Affair being repeated on BBC HD and DT's appearance on Top Gear being repeated on Dave
* Plus, the St Trinian's sequel (which he’s in) is released in a couple of weeks, so there'll be coverage of that, including specials on Channel 4 and Sky HD

Here at SFX we're not convinced that's enough. Surely there are more shows he could appear on? In fact, he's probably being lined up for guest appearances at this very moment on:

The Weather Forecast
"And Thursday evening looks set to be wet. Weeeeelll, I say wet, more like intermittent showers. Weeeelll, I say showers, more like piddling, dribbly-wibbly droplets, really. Weeeell...."

The Antiques Roadshow
Tennant: "And as for its value... I'd say £75."
Old biddy: "£75? Is that all? [blinks back tears] But it's been in my family for generations..."
Tennant: "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

The New Year’s Eve Celebrations
The London Eye, ablaze with fireworks, spins like a Catherine wheel, until, to the amazement of the crowd, it turns into a flaming version of the Doctor Who opening credits, as a massive explosion of rockets over the Thames forms a giant face of David Tennant. (Boris Johnson is overheard to ask if they can do the same for him next year.)

The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures
"Right, physics! Physics, eh? Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics. Physics! Hope you're getting all this down.”

The X-Factor Final
As guest judge, Tennant has to come down hard on Jedward when they try to sneak back into the competition: "NO SECOND CHANCES!"

The Two Ronnies
Well, he's got the glasses…

Loose Women
Actually, we wouldn't wish that on any man…

Question Time
After which Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberals all plummet in the polls as the whole nation demands Tennant for PM!

Christmas Top Of The Pops
David Tennant and The Proclaimers duet on a cover version of "Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart, But I've Got A Spare One So It Wasn’t That Romantic Really)".

Harry Hill’s TV Burp
"Well, you see, I like Chris Eccleston. And I like David Tennant. But which one is better? FIGHT!!!"

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