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The Weekender: one month on

This time last month we were at Camber Sands. Here's what some of our readers remember about having the opportunity to hang out with like-minded people

Time flies! It's been a month since the SFX Weekender took place in Camber Sands. This time on Friday 4 February festivities were well under way. With a month's perspective, here are some thoughts from readers about the strength of the sci-fi community at an event like the SFX Weekender. A big thanks to blogger Kell Harker for compiling this list of feedback...

The SFX Weekender

Steven Ellis ( SFX Forum name: Kudos):

"I love the SFX Weekenders. The concept of a residential sci-fi convention is a brilliant one. The community side of it especially. It's such an eclectic mix of people and diverse sci-fi interests. And everybody is welcoming and friendly. Where else can you ask Robert Rankin to guard your pint while you nip to the loo or ten minutes later have Al Ewing help you fix your lanyard? Or share a late night drink with the How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse crew discussing which motorway services would best help you survive that apocalypse?"

"Sure, people go for the panels and the shows or to get autographs and photos from the A-list stars. And all fantastic of that stuff is fantastic and very entertaining, but it's usually in the bar or at the party that the real fun happens - it's the unexpected and the bizarre things that can happen when you put all these people in a room together and tell them to have fun. I've been to both Weekenders (and I've booked for the next one already) and I've met and formed friendships with such a wide range of people, from staff to guests to traders through to the stars on the stages and I'm thankful to SFX for giving me the chance to meet and enjoy time with all these people."

The SFX Weekender

Michaela Gray ( SFX Forum name: Boo):

"I popped my con cherry by going by myself to the last weekender and met some of the SFX team and a lot of really lovely forumites; each and every one of them was so friendly and welcoming. I made some friends and had such a great time I couldn't wait to come back again - and I'm so glad I did, it was fab to meet up with everyone again."

"As for the event itself, I had a brilliant time and if anything I think it was an improvement on last year. Highlights for me had to be all the Being Human stuff, How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse , Robert Rankin doing the awards (hilarious), the Imaginarium and of course the Maskerade - there were some amazing costumes."

The SFX Weekender

Matt Dowding (SFX Forum name: WanderingWolf):

"The event was excellent, fun and enjoyable. A lot of fun was had with the skareoke too! The sci-fi community is so friendly, but by the end of it I had met a number of interesting new people. Roll on next year!"

The SFX Weekender

Verity Hayter (SFX Forum name: Verity78):

"I had an absolute blast at the Weekender. There was so much to do and the subjects were varied so people could always find something that interested them. I loved being able to spend three whole days talking about sci-fi. And it's lovely to get an opportunity to speak to those behind the magazine and ask questions, and know that they are actually listening to you and taking on board what you say. Everybody seemed really happy and content, and I can't wait to do it all again next year!"

The SFX Weekender

Kell Harker (SFX Forum name: Sweetcakes):

"'I don't want to leave!' I said that to myself over and over when I was on the plane headed back to Canada. Being at the SFX Weekender 2 has been a total blast, and I'm already saving my pennies for the flight to England for next year's event. You Brits give the best hugs. I'll miss you all way too much. Do you think SFX will let me keep a pocket-sized version of Jordan Farley?"

Jordan is already pocket-sized, Kell, but I'm afraid he's needed here. Thanks for all the feedback folks - so glad the overwhelming response was positive. Our photos from the event are printed in a four-page feature in an issue on sale Wednesday 9 March 2011 so look out for that – will you be pictured in the pages of SFX 207?