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The Walking Dead season 7 premiere's shocking death scene done in Lego is just as disturbing

The Walking Dead Season 7's premiere will stick with its viewers thanks to three minutes of horror at the end of Negan's barbed-wire bat, but at least you can re-contextualize it a bit. Maybe it won't be so sickening if you can overwrite your memories with the same scene played out by Lego Minifigures?

Ok, spoiler alert, it's still totally awful. Additional spoiler alert: watching this fan-made video will 100-percent give away the most shocking part of the season premiere if you haven't seen it yet. Like, even looking at the title will give it away. Here's a monkey picking a fight with a capybara to put some space between your eyes and the spoiler.

And if you need a warm-up, kristo499 also did the death of poor Noah in season 5, along with a ton of other characters from throughout the show. Their talent is undeniable but I'm a little bit worried about the overall choice of subject matter.

Alright, here it is. Lucille's thirsty even when she's made out of plastic.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs every Sunday at 9 pm on AMC in the US, and every Monday at 9 pm on Fox UK in the UK.

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