The very best and worst of games merchandise


Why only one sock? Well, we have a creeping suspicion that this particular sock is not supposed to be for one's feet. It might have been all well and good when the fit bodies that are the Red Hot Chili Peppers sported these in a promo for their 1984 debut album, but it generally doesn't have the same affect when members of the gaming establishment try for a similar look. We were already traumatized with the image of Gamecock's Mike Wilson having a wardrobe malfunction at the Funeral for E3 party in 2007, and now we have this image burnt into our mind.

Where'd it come from?: Distributed by Gamecock at various events. Often found littering bedroom floors of game journalists.


Mmmm… beer. Lovely, ice-cold beer. It's especially nice when people give you free beer for no reason - it somehow tastes better. But virtual free beer? That's just a bad joke. True, being able to get virtually bladdered in various taverns in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for virtually nowt does have some perks - namely when playing the Drunken Brawling mini-game. Simply don the Drinking Cape, and free virtual alcohol will flow. Free virtual beer? We hope it's not a trend - leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Which we need to wash away with real beer.

Where'd it come from?: Given out in a Funcom newsletter to those who signed up before the game was officially launched and as part of the Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Collector's Edition.


A great big blue foam hand that has absolutely no practical use whatsoever. It's for waving at the Liberty City Swingers, an in-game baseball team. However, as a few bemused journalists have already pointed out, the fingers are arranged in the shape of 'The Shocker'. If you don't know what that is, ask your dad.

Where'd it come from?: Handed out to the press by Rockstar.


This is truly horrifying, although not in the way that the PRs who sent it out - to promote Clive Barker's Jericho - probably hoped it would be. What if that gunk leaked over our clothes? Is it machine washable? According to the label at the top of the plastic bag, it's Non Toxic, which is something of a relief.

In case it's not evident from the picture, the pink thing in the bottom is supposed to be a severed FINGER, and one can only presume that the black substance is supposed to be blood. Out of the bag and the gunk, it doesn't look much like a finger at all, but then we're not sure what we were expecting.

Where'd it come from?: Sent out as a promo item to hacks pre-Jericho release.