The Sims 2 - sexy new pics

Here are fresh new shots of developers Maxis' most lucrative baby The Sims 2. And as you'll note, they're fresh in more ways than one...

Such is the appeal of The Sims that they're one of the few games where you'll smile with a warm chuckle inside as you scan the screenshots. This batch probably illustrates that fact more than most. We pretty much see the lifespan before our eyes, from pregnancy through to the old codger playing with his grandchild.

Of course, there's plenty of sexual tension on the way, with the kid who's a peeping tom, adolescents learning the art of tonsil tennis and a husband who discovers his unfaithful wife in the act (she now has a girlfriend, it seems). Yes, Sims 2 may not be a risky bet as a financial success but the game of life has just got a whole lot more risque.

Publishers EA still haven't announced a release date but expect it to hit town sooner rather than later in 2004. For up to date details and words from the creator of The Sims series, meander on over to after you've ogled the pics.