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The Shadow of the Colossus inspired Prey for the Gods is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Just what we love; a Kickstarter happy ending. Not only has the beautiful looking Prey for the Gods been crowd funded to a tune of more than half a million dollars, it's also now confirmed for release on PS4 and Xbox One. The team at No Matter Studios had initially put the console release on a $600K stretch goal but after fan responses, switched its focus to making sure that the game would work on consoles. No mean feat, since there's only three of them. 

Prey for the Gods pits you against the harsh winter of a desolate frozen island and, oh yes, enormous terrifying gods to take down one by one.  And while it's influenced strongly by PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus, it's no mere clone. "As a developer, I look to Shadow of the Colossus as a game that inspires ambition. I watched friends play it, and what I saw blew me away," says developer Brian Parnell on the PlayStation Blog. "I was amazed at what they accomplished. To push oneself to the limits like Team ICO pushed itself on PS2 is certainly something we want to honor."

 "When approaching Prey for the Gods, we wanted to embrace that ambition," he continues. "Our goal isn’t to make a sequel, or make a carbon copy of Shadow of the Colossus. We want to push ourselves to create a game that we want to play that exemplifies the core mechanics, and atmosphere that one sees — and if we do it right inspire others to do the same." This sounds ultra promising but we'll have to be patient. The estimated delivery date on the game on Kickstarter is currently December 2017. What's that saying about good things again?

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Louise Blain

Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.