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The most bizarre Mortal Kombat trailer yet

Wanna learn about Mortal Kombat from the latest trailer? Too bad! However, I did learn that sign spinning isn’t just something only the homeless people in my neighborhood hone while being paid tostand on street corners like living, pitiable billboards for furniture store close outs. The dudes in the video take the advertising acrobatics to new heights, and since this is an OFFICIAL video sent out by Warner Brothers, it’s safe to assume they’re gainfully employed! Of course, it needed one improvement, which I was happy to help out with: A little music fromThe Immortals!

Above: Who says onlyGuile’s Themecan make everything better?!

You can see the actual, official video below, sans our drastic enhancements, if you really want to... but I assure you ours is 1000% better!

Apr 13, 2011

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