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The Last of Us 2 concept art reveals how different the game could have been

(Image credit: Sony)

Naughty Dog has released an official The Last of Us 2 Art Blast page on ArtStation, where hundreds of pieces of concept art from the recently released PS4 exclusive are available to view, and become your new favourite desktop wallpaper. 

"Creating the sequel to such a beloved game was an incredibly rewarding challenge, thanks to the efforts of the hundreds of developers here at Naughty Dog and our many partners," reads the page's introduction, written by The Last of Us 2's art directors John Sweeney and Erick Pangilinan.

Check out concept art for Ellie's arrival into Seattle by Eytan Zana, a concept artist on the game, below. 

(Image credit: Naughty Dog / Eytan Zana)
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(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

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"It was an amazing experience working alongside so many talented people to bring a collective vision to your homes. This collection of work is a celebration of the creativity and talent that we’re fortunate to have at the studio and with our collaborators, so please enjoy all of the hard work that the teams have put into the game."

It's worth stressing that the concept art reveals several major story spoilers for The Last of Us 2, so don't scroll through them before completing the game for yourself. The page reveals alternative looks for key characters such as Joel and Ellie, for example, while you can easily make out the vistas and environments that made it into the final game. 

Coincidentally, Naughty Dog recently revealed more about some of the deleted scenes for its latest masterpiece, confirming that The Last of Us 2 ending could have been very different to the one we ended up with...

Now that you're all warm and fuzzy-feeling, read our conversation with writer Halley Gross about how The Last of Us 2 deals with "authentic trauma."

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