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The Division Intel Collectibles location guide

Hudson Yards - level 2-4

There are only 15 pieces of intel to collect in Hudson Yards.

Echo - Goulash

We'll start off with the echo in the southeast corner of the district.

It can be found in the area only accessible via the Hudson Refugee Camp mission.

Shortly after you begin the mission, you'll go down a set of stairs and into the area above.

Walk forward a little to discover the echo.

Phone Recording - JTF, Dark Zone

The phone reccording is just outside of the Hudson Refugee Camp mission area.

It's just off W 33rd St, between 11th Ave and Hudson Boulevard E.

If you're coming from finishing the mission, simply slide on down the rope at the end.

Otherwise, make your way around here on the streets surrounding the area.

Approach the fence around the perimeter and you'll see a gate to your left.

The phone recording is on the ground.

Incident Report - Ferro's Pledge, Cleaner Reports

Next up, we're heading to the western edge of the district.

Make your way to 12th Ave, between W 33rd and W 34th St.

Head through the open gates.

Go left and through the next open gate.

There's a dead JTF officer on the ground ahead.

The report is next to him.

Missing Agent - LaMarcus Henry

The next piece of intel is just to the north.

It's of W 34th St, between 12th Ave and 11th Ave.

Approach the entrance of the car park above to find the first step in the chain, pointing you inside.

Continue up the next ramp.

The third and fourth markers will direct you around the corner and up the next ramp.

Go right at the top of the ramp.

Follow the marker to the corner indicated.

The file is on the floor here.

Phone Recording - JTF, Store Owner

The recording is near the centre of the district.

It's in the area between W 33rd and W 36th St, and 11th Ave and Hudson Blvd E.

At the intersection of 11th Ave and W 34th St, you'll spot a small car park next to an auto service centre.

Head inside and stick to the right wall.

The phone is next to the tents.

Missing Agent - Jeremy Carmichael

We're starting with the second marker in the trail for this missing agent.

Head north from the last piece of intel to W 36th St, between 11th and 10th Ave.

Leave the main street and go through the gate in the fence.

Continue down the steps to the train tracks below.

Pop behind the abandoned train carriage under the bridge.

The file is at the top of the ramp.

Phone Recording - JTF, Showing Symptoms 

This is to the east of the missing agent file we just picked up.

Make your way to the intersection of W 36th St and Hudson Blvd E.

There's a small alleyway next to the fenced gate that leads down to the train tracks.

The phone is on the ground next to this luckless sod.

Phone Recording - Creep, Phone Harassment 1 

You can continue through the alley where we collected the last piece of intel to pop out near this next one.

It's off W 38th St, between 11th and 10th Ave.

Head down the side street between the auto service and mini storage.

The phone is next to the van at the end.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Home Alone

This one is in the northeast of the district.

It's off W 38th St. between 10th and 9th Ave.

Head into the car park to the left of the fire station.

You'll find a small alley at the back left.

The recording is down here.

Phone Recording - Creep, Phone Harassment 2

The recording is along the eastern edge of the district.

It's off W 39th St, between 10th and 9th Ave.

Head into the fenced off area behind the police car.

There's a car park back here. Go over to the left side.

Scoot up the steps by the tree.

The phone is up here to the right.

Incident Report - Safe Passage, Rioter Reports

The report is in the southern half of the district.

It's at the Lincoln Tunnel checkpoint on W 34th St.

There's a burning police car in the middle of the road.

The report is right next to it.

Phone Recording - JTF, Crisis Center Robbery

The recording is in the middle of the district.

It's off W 34th St, between 10th Ave and Dyer Ave.

There's a side street next to the barricade in the road.

Head down here and take the turning to the left.

There's a dumpster to the left.

The recording is on the ground in front of it.

Survival Guide - Page 10

The survival guide page is in a building near the recording we just picked up.

It's between W 34th and W 36th St, and 10th Ave and Dyer Ave.

Starting from the location of the last piece of intel, enter the building opposite the dumpster.

Follow the stairs up to the top floor.

Go through the open door on the right.

The page from the guide is on the floor by the table.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Lincoln Tunnel Report

The recording is in the northwest corner of the district.

It's off the intersection of 11th Ave and W 39th St.

There's a car park at the intersection.

Head down the pavement to the right of it.

The recording is next to the wall down here.

Incident Report - Breaking Quarantine, Rioter Reports

The last piece of intel in the district is up in the northwest corner.

It's to the southwest of the intersection of W 40th St and 12th Ave.

Look for the CERA site alongside the road.

There's a yellow tent behind the CERA truck.

The report is inside here.

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