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The British Election campaign: videogame version

As we pointed out last week, the British elction is being outhyped by a far moresignificant natural disaster, but the media are still finding new ways to make politics exciting for the Internet generation. Or should that be 'More exciting than volcanos'.

How about this: a CGI video version of a week in electoral politics, provided by Taiwan's Apple Daily for theBBC Newsnight program. Surely the closest we'll ever get to seeing what an election would look like in game form.

Above: Click for the video, hosted on the BBC Newsnight page

We'reat risk of alienating the rest of the world here, but bear with us. In our minds the game would allow you to choose between three characters, all with different abilities and 'special powers'. The challenge is to save the UK from impending doom, volcanic ash, invading aliens and huge Dragons.

Meanwhile there's a sub-game that's a sort of management sim where you have to think about health and national insurance and old people. Oh, and you get to fiddle around with a massive nuclear weapons system if things all go to shit.

Above: This gag might go over some peoples' heads. Like ours

That's the long and short of it. We give it 7/10. Best thing about it is the graphics.

PS. American readers, feel free to ask WTF we're going on about.

April 19, 2010

I hate the 267.