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The best Emmys 2017 reactions, including the greatest losing nominee meltdown *ever*

The Emmys 2017 was always bound to be a hotbed of controversy, what with some of the most over-inflated egos in existence converging in one place. There’s just one problem: the internet feeds on controversy. Anything you say and do will be a GIF online in an instant. Thankfully, the denizens on Twitter were on hand to provide a sampling of raised eyebrows, WTF faces and downright bizarre behaviour to the people of the world. Thank you for your service.

From a semi-serious nominee meltdown to a few barbed shots at Barb from Stranger Things and a smattering of Westworld: here are the best reactions to the 2017 Emmys. Be sure to sound off in the comments below about your favourite Emmys moment – and you can see the full list of Emmys 2017 winners here.

Behold: an award-winning strop

Stranger Things snubs

What about Westworld?

At least Maeve (and mini Maeve) seem pleased

Even if something was a little... off with the Emmys Host

Is Donald Glover the GOAT? Yes. Yes, he is.

Barb is dead. Dead happy to be at the Emmys

Though not everyone agrees

Laura Dern won. Thank God.


The Emmys even managed to throw up a few monster mash-ups

Including one of 2017's biggest villains, Sean Spicer

Image: Twitter

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