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The 41 Sexiest Movie Posters

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (1968)

Why So Sexy?: It has the heaving bosom and quasi-orgasmic agony we've come to expect from any decent vampiric bodice-ripper, with a smart modern twist.

Potential Passion Killer: Plasters, illnesses and medical subjects of any kind are generally a turn-off

One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Why So Sexy?: The ridiculous fantasy of a animalistic, pre-civilisation woman with a pristine body and a fur two-piece crafted to showcase her incredible bust. She's salon-hot, but stupid! Amazing.

Potential Passion Killer: That herd of hairy, unhappy neanderthals making their gatecraching way towards us.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

Why So Sexy?: Even in proto-form, the idea of a cheerleader wrestling with the undead and reverse-sexing them with a giant wooden stake is undeniably hot.

Potential Passion Killer: The symbolism is a little nailed on, so to speak.

Tomb Raider (2001)

Why So Sexy?: The fact that Lara Croft is a cramped adolescent bedroom dream brought to ample life by Angelina Jolie, a leading actress so cool she campaigned for her nipples to be airbrushed back on to the sequel's poster.

Potential Passion Killer: Basically all the stuff written above, if you're not either an adolescent boy or able to remember what being one's like.

The People Vs Larry Flynt (1996)

Why So Sexy?: It's not just all the skin on show, but the fact there's a brain and a sense of humour here: Woody Harrelson in Jesus pose, draped in the American flag and nailed to a lady's unmentionables.

Potential Passion Killer: Woody's semi-perm, more than the blasphemous outrage, is a total distraction.

American Beauty (1999)

Why So Sexy?: Because it's obscure and elegant, suggestively filled with flesh-tone while actually revealing nothing but the intimacy of a navel.

Potential Passion Killer: Thinking about how thoroughly they cleaned the navel before the shot was taken.

Crucea De Piatra (1993)

Why So Sexy?: A Romanian film about the end of an era-defining red light district, the startling poster has erotic pedigree - the stockings, the long, elaborate gloves - but also a fiery toughness.

Potential Passion Killer: Mistaking the image for a bumper spot the difference puzzle.

The Voyeur (1994)

Why So Sexy?: Very few directors like a backside as much as Tinto Brass, and this image basically sums up the ass-auteur's career: brazen, erotic, and ripe with passion for its subject.

Potential Passion Killer: The grabby hand doesn't exactly shout 'class.'

Tamara (2005)

Why So Sexy?: It hits several marks at once: the sexual field-mine of high school, some kind of horror situation (doubling the chances of seeing some skin) and the fact the hot central character has a big axe. Sold.

Potential Passion Killer: You might do it with Tamara, but you'd be thinking of Sidney Prescott.

Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

Why So Sexy?: Like an advanced version of the famous Pulp Fiction poster - girl on bed, heels, cigarette - only with an extra helping of oozing, faceless flesh.

Potential Passion Killer: We just hope that mattress is fire-retardant.