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Telltale is already working on Game of Thrones Season 2

If you've finished Telltale's Game of Thrones Season 1, you will not be surprised to learn that there's going to be a Telltale's Game of Thrones Season 2. The real news here, as Telltale confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, is that it's already working on the next season of tragedy and treachery for House Forrester.

"The questions left on the table at the conclusion of season one, who survived and who didn't, as well as all the other choices you made play a huge role in the second season," executive producer Kevin Bruner told THR. "We've been planning the second season all along, but I really shouldn't be revealing more than that."

The second season will still have multiple playable characters, though Bruner didn't say how many there will be - or whether fan-favorite mercenary Beskha will pull a Clementine from The Walking Dead and make the leap from NPC to playable protagonist between seasons. Nor would Bruner say how far along work on the second season is, but he did add that there's "never a shortage of sticky notes" on Telltale's walls.

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Connor Sheridan
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