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TalkRadar 92 - GDC Deez Nuts

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Play games and become truly awesome

Tear down Olympus in Kratos’s biggest, flashiest, most brutal adventure yet

PS3 motion controller unveiled as Move
GDC press conference reveals new games, accessories for the controller formerly known as Arc

Just because motion controls haven't been implemented in ways that are particularly compelling thus far, doesn't mean they never will be. Certainly, there has to be some game or genre out there you think could benefit from Motion Control technology moves forward? Let us know!

In the office

Did you know GDC was happening in San Francisco this week? It's pretty crazy here with all the appointments, parties and general goings-on, so please indulge the next few pictures on industry chicanery!

Above: The show floor of GDC 2010, otherwise known as Diet E3

Above: The Final Fantasy XIII party was a most lavish affair.Click hereto see more of the event

Above: Taken at the Green Day: Rock Band party, right before Chris got "drunker thaneverbefore"

Above: Brett was inoculated for the impending Undead Holocaust by the mysterious Zombrex corporation…

Above: Guess who else got the gang hammered? And at The Walt Disney Family Museum, no less!

In the community

Above: shnazzyone (

Above: Your entries for theDark Bunny Teescontest have been stellar. REMINDER: The Contest is still going onright here!

Above: By bloodyshadow

Above: By TheOneBlackGuyintheForums

Above: By hatebreeder

Post date: March 12,2010
T-Dar 92 length: 2:14:08
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