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Top 7... ways games can transform you into a superior human being

If there was ever a greater feeling in the world than that of levelling up, we are yet to experience it. From the chorus that chimes in World of Warcraft to the heavy rock riff of Modern Warfare 2, you know that for all your hard work you just got a little more badass.

Whilst this is true of your in-game avatars, it’s also true of you and your own abilities themselves. Increasing with each and every game, your own attributes are advancing as gaming teaches you to ‘level-up’ yourself in ways that make you almost super-human. Look below to see just what abilities video games enhance to transform you into a superior human being.

7. Games give you heightened concentration

So, the end credits roll, 30gs or another trophy pops up on the screen, you sit back and smile as you have another blockbuster title under your belt. Placing the controller down, you see four cups of cold tea on the side, your dinner in the bin and an angry note from your significant other stuck to your head. When the hell did all this happen? Feel some pride my friend, as you have been in ‘The Zone.’

The zone, reserved for only the mightiest of brains is a zen-like state entered into when you are able to completely block off the world around you, become utterly absorbed in your mission and focus entirely on the task at hand.

Only through years of training can you learn this art that allows you to transcend what was previously thought humanly possible and reach the ultimate state of concentration. Through gaming you learn to do this on a daily basis, for several consecutive hours, sometimes whilst drunk.

6. Games make you more intelligent

If you lack a basic level of intelligence that makes going about your daily business confusing and overwhelming, fear not, playing games can and will increase your brain power to that of a veritable Einstein. With games specifically designed to give your brain a workout to games that teach the importance of tactics, prioritising and economics, gaming makes you smarter, fact!

Ploughing hundreds of hours of gaming into your beloved medium of choice keeps your brain working overtime when other folk, non-gaming folk, use this time to sleep or... stare at things? Sleeping and staring at things does nothing to work the little guys upstairs and wastes valuable time you could be expanding your mind gaming. Much like a muscle, the more you work your brain the stronger it becomes and the more brain power you have, the more intelligent you are. It’s just simple science people.