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Top 7... ways games can transform you into a superior human being

Now though everyone has eyes (apologies to those that don’t, not that you’ll be reading this) and though everyone has hands (good luck navigating to this page if you don’t), not everyone can coordinate the two to work together, let alone press intricate button combinations with pin point accuracy within fractions of a second. As gamers you are trained how to become the surgeons of the virtual world.

Through playing video games on a regular basis it is possible to train hand and eye to work together in order to execute the most precise and complex procedures.

With your eyes transfixed on your screens and your hands glued to your controllers, your hands and eyes align to become one with you and your games machine. As if your eyes and hands were magically connected via an intricate system of conductive channels, gaming teaches you to send lightning fast signals between the two in order to coordinate them towards one sole purpose; to win. You are not born with this, gaming teaches you this.

4. Games increase stamina

The average length of a movie is probably around the 2hr mark. Try and read a book and good luck staying awake for more than half an hour. Sit down to put in a sesh with your favourite game however and you could be there for days, especially if it’s World of Warcraft.

Gaming increases stamina beyond the capabilities of any non-gaming human being. Rebuilding you from the ground up, video games transform your bodies into temples dedicated to the cause. Able to run on little more than potato based snacks washed down with energy drinks, you are able to sustain hour after hour of sitting and button mashing and still have fuel left in the tank to come back each and every day to achieve your goals and see the credits roll.

Games teach you to push yourself through the tiredness, beyond the reddening of your eyes and the blistering of your thumbs to come back and have one more go when everything is telling you to stop. In games we trust.

3. Games give you the ability to multi-task

Key to any gamers arsenal of life enhancing abilities is his skill to do many different things at once. As video games have progressed from single buttons controlling a few pixels on a screen, now you are required to manipulate face buttons, triggers, joysticks and a d-pad to control on screen what your eyes are telling you is necessary for survival, all without so much as a glance down.

Need to wall run across this cliff whilst simultaneously equipping armour, dropping a grenade on the foe below, sniping the guy in the clock tower and dodging the fireballs shooting out of the she devil’s nipples? No problem, you’re a gamer. Gaming teaches you the uncanny ability to manage all these things at once without dropping so much as a health bar.