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Swedish techies building 1000-player FPS

Pikkotekk, a network technology company based in Sweden, is attempting to break the record for most players in a multiplayer match by developing a browser-based shooter that will allow up to 1000 users to battle it out at the same time.

It's a tall order to be sure, but in hischat with Rock, Paper Shotgun, Pikkotekk's Christian Lönnholm insisted the 1000-player concept for their upcoming game, RobotsVs Tanks, is very doable given the right equipment and data management strategy. Specifically, Lönnholm explained the company plans to set up a Pikko architecture comprised of a Pikko Server and various cell servers which will effectively juggle the game information back and forth similar to how cell phone towers work together to seamlessly handle mobile data.

The project is stillfar fromcompletion, but for a vague idea of how Robots Vs Tanks might come together, Pikkotekk releasedthis early-stage teaser:

Techtalk aside, Lönnholm said that Pikkotekk's true motives are to go where no tech company has before, explaining, “About one year ago, we were talking with CCP and we came up with this idea that if we made a MMO FPS in Unity, the technical achievement would be of such magnitude that it would even impress random women in bars.”

What about the ordered women? Don't they deserve companionship as well?

[Source:Rock, Paper Shotgun]

Mar 8, 2011

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