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Survival tips for playing Overwatch Mystery Heroes


The great thing about Ana in any situation is her flexibility. So if your team already has a healer or two, then you can try to focus more on doing damage. If you wound up playing alongside two Widowmakers, then you’ll be more useful providing heals. Pay attention to how your composition changes over the course of the round.

To stay alive as Ana for a whole match, you’ll want to stay protected on the back lines. She’s a low-mobility hero, and unless you’re a god with her biotic rifle, she’s not great in a close quarters one-on-one combat.


Sure, the flashy wall-rides are what you’ll see in the YouTube highlights, but that’s for an advanced Lúcio player. In Mystery Heroes, all you need to do is not die and keep your teammates from dying. His weapon is one of the weakest, but you can take advantage of his alternate fire to get sick environmental kills knocking enemies off ledges. Now that’s how you make Play of the Game.


There are two ways to treat Mercy in Mystery Heroes. First, you could stay close to the tankiest member of your composition. Even if that person is Torbjorn, stick to them like glue and keep them alive at all costs. Or, if healing just does not work for your brain, then swap in her blaster and go Aggro Mercy. The weapon is about as powerful as a Meka-less D. Va, and with the option for her Guardian Angel move to escape to safety, you can actually wreck pretty hard in this mode.


Playing Symmetra from a defensive position is pretty straightforward. Set up her turrets at a choke point and fire off her shield whenever your team is facing down an enemy push. In an aggressive push, though, she’s more of an enigma. But it can be done! Clump turrets near a secluded health pack and lure unsuspecting enemies there, thinking that you’re a quick and easy kill. Then run back into your fortified corner and hope they follow.


Rule number 1 with Zenyatta is to keep one of each orb up at all times. Even if your whole team is at full health, drop a healing orb on the tankiest person. And try to target either a tank or a high damage dealer with the Orb of Discord. His basic projectiles are very accurate, even at range, making him a threat to be reckoned with.

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