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Surprise! Phantom Dust is free-to-play on Xbox One and it's out now-ish

So it turns out Phantom Dust is out on Xbox One and PC today where it can be yours for a grand total of $0/£0. Xbox games marketing boss Aaron Greenberg made the announcement in a Tweet yesterday and shared some more details with fans.

It's not 100-percent free, though, there are some microtransactions for the multiplayer mode. You know, typical Hearthstone stuff.

It looks like Phantom Dust isn't live on the Windows 10 Store or the Xbox One Store yet but it should go up sometime within the next few hours.

Phantom Dust's continued existence on Xbox has been a long, strange story. It remains to be seen whether this surprise re-release is the end or just a chapter mark - this would be a good way to assess interest for a potential sequel, after all. Either way, Phantom Dust is going from hard-to-find cult classic to spruced-up freebie and that's pretty cool.

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