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Super Nintendo World is opening in Japan next spring, but you can eat cute Mario pancakes there next week

(Image credit: Universal Studios)

Super Nintendo World will open its doors in Osaka, Japan in spring of next year, according to an announcement from Nintendo.

The addition to Universal Studios Japan was meant to open just before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic (as were the Olympics). 

Super Nintendo World will feature a host of Nintendo-themed rides and Power Up Bands that visitors can connect to an official app that will likely keep some type of score throughout your visit. The Power Up Bands are meant to make you feel even more immersed in this game world, but really it just means I'm going to be pushing children out of my way... 

Ahead of the highly anticipated opening of Super Nintendo World, Mario Cafe and Store is opening in Universal Studio Japan's Hollywood area next week - and mamma mia it's adorable. Aside from the adorable decor, (look at the toadstool high-top tables!), there's Mario and Luigi-themed pancake sandwiches, cream sodas with mustache straws, and a soft drink in a giant Toad cup.

The adjacent store has a ton of colorful Mario swag, as well, including a money pouch, a bold t-shirt asking "whose cap" and "whose crown" and a throw pillow that's certain to liven up your home decor. 

The Mario Cafe and Store opens in Universal Studios Japan on October 16. Stay tuned for a set date for the opening of Super Nintendo World. 

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