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Street Fighter 5 trailer introduces a new (old?) Bison

M. Bison's return in Street Fighter 5 was pretty much inevitable, but it looks like he's been working on his Psycho Powers while he kept us waiting. Capcom gave the nefarious dictator his proper fanfare in this new trailer, showing off his fresh moveset.

Aside from his glowing-purple psychic powers, it looks like that little bit of hair poking out from under M. Bison's Official Dictator Hat has gone white. You never know with Bison, though - maybe this entrant in the Street Fighter 5 roster is just a psychic projection and the real guy is back at Shadaloo HQ, applying some Just For Men "Touch of Gray" for that youthful-but-authoritarian look.

Street Fighter 5's coming to PC and PS4, and while Capcom hasn't officially set a release window yet, it looks like you may be playing in spring 2016.

Connor Sheridan
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