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Star Wars Battlefront players get double XP and free access to Death Star DLC over Christmas weekend

Whether you're a regular Star Wars Battlefront player or just curious now that the game's been out for a year, this weekend seems like a good time to check things out. From December 23 to 25, players will receive a one-time boon of 5,000 credits for logging in, double XP, and the Death Star expansion's maps and modes will be free to all.

That means five new maps - Imperial Blockade, Defense Sector, Power Sector, Command Sector, and Death Star Surface - for you to blast around in, as well as the Battle Station mode, which concludes with Luke's iconic trench run.

Hero characters Chewie and Bossk were released as part of the Death Star DLC when it launched, but EA's announcement regarding the free weekend only specifies "maps and modes," so it's not clear if they'll be playable.

In any case, seems like a fair assortment of presents. Happy Wookiee Life Day, everyone!

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