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Star Wars Battlefront 2 collectibles location guide

Mission 8: Under Covered Skies

4 Collectibles

Collectible 1
Once you've landed your X-Wing, head along the walkway to the second set of stairs on the left, where you'll find the crate sat.

Collectible 2
After you Infiltrate the Overseer's Tower, you'll go up another lift and the objective will change to Reach The Platform. Go straight ahead and through the middle of the three possible exit doors, then in front of you take the left hand stairs down and you'll spot the crate on top of a stack.

Collectible 3
From the previous collectible, turn right and go down some short steps then look for a hangar on your left. Inside, turn right to find the crate tucked in the corner.

Collectible 4
Exit the hangar through the middle door, then turn left and head towards the two TIE Fighters up on platforms. Go up the steps to the one on the right and you can collect the crate at the top.

Mission 10: The Battle of Jakku

3 Collectibles

NOTE: The order of these collectibles will depend on which Distress Beacon you head to first - Stop The TIE Bombers or Rescue Captain Lindsey

Collectible 1 - Stop The TIE Bombers
After landing your ship and setting out to Find the Detonators, head up the dunes to your right and look for a tunnel-like wreckage to enter and find the crate.

Collectible 2 - Stop The TIE Bombers
When you Reach The Hangar and start planting the detonators on ships, head to the far end of the hangar and look up at the burning platform where the crate will be highlighted.

Collectible 3 - Rescue Captain Lindsey
When you land your ship, head over the dunes to your left and look for a large open container with the crate inside. You can also grab this after the Defend the Evac Point objective later in this section.

Mission 11: Until Ashes

Collectibles: 2

Collectible 1
At the start of the mission after you've crash landed, head towards the mission marker until you find a large section of engine on fire. Look to the right side of it and you'll find the crate.

Collectible 2
After getting inside the ship, look for a section of control panels to the right of the walkway and you'll get a prompt for the final crate.

Congratulations, you've found every collectible in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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