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Splinter Cell Conviction Deniable Ops Guide

Splinter Cell: Conviction features much more than just a single-player mode, and this is likely where most players will be spending their time. This guide focuses on helping players survive the Deniable Ops game modes, andwill give you some useful strategies.Denialbe Ops has four game modes and a number of maps to learn, so it will require a bit of effort, or perhaps a handy strategy guide,for a player to really learn the ins and outs.

It's is worth remembering that the free-form nature of the Splinter Cell series meansthere are numerous ways to approach a situation, especially thanks to the new Mark and Execute mechanic. This guide is more geared towards helping those in need of a few tips more than it is meant to hold the players hand. The tips for this guide have been written with the Normal difficulty in mind unless specified. With that said if it works on Normal it will easily work on Recruit and it will likely help on Realistic.

The main difference between difficulties is that enemies are smarter, more accurate and less likely to obsess over your LKP. Unless you’re just terrible at the game, you should play on Normal for the most part. Playing on Normal will easily allow you to play Recruit if you find yourself wanting to get easy achievements, and it will prepare you for playing on Realistic if you should so choose to eventually try it.


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