Smallville 7.03 Fierce review

Original US air date: 11/10/07

Written by: Holly Harold

Directed by: Whitney Ransick


The One Where: Kara enters the Miss Sweetcorn pageant and foils some evil-minded beauties plotting to steal the town’s buried Kryptonian treasure. Lana lets Clark know she’s very much alive.

Verdict: A dumb, bubblegum episode whose premise is pure Nancy Drew – while such blatant flesh-baring as the beauty pageant and Kara’s lingerie-clad book-balancing feel as desperate as a Charlie’s Angels episode. And why is Kara being written like she’s in The OC? It’s hard to remember she’s Kryptonian when she’s calling Clark “uptight” and wondering how she can “fit in” with Jimmy. When she claims she’s from Minnesota it’s all too easy to believe her.

Highlight: It can only be Kara zapping a melon with her heat vision. Frankly you just can’t beat an exploding melon.

Influences: Kara’s love of red and blue echoes Supergirl’s comic book costume – and she even has red bootees.

WTF? Amazing how Lex can track down Kara with what looks like a piece of iffy fantasy art begging to accompany a book about princesses.

Character: A glimpse of the old Lex when he questions Lana about Clark’s cousin.

Hmmmm...: So who’s the Earthbound Kryptonian who sent that SOS, over 100 years ago?

LMAO: Kara’s, “While you were living the All-American dream I was stuck in some cryogenic coffin, wasting the best years of my life!” We’ve all been there, love.

Best Line:
Clark (to Kara): "When I talked about fitting in, I was thinking of something with more clothes."

Nick Setchfield

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