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Sims WooHoo spots - Our 19 favorite places to love our fellow Sim

Hot Tub (The Sims 3: Late Night expansion)

How to get it on: Have your Sim join his or her significant other in the hot tub, then cuddle up. If their relationship is high enough, the conversation option WooHoo will appear.

Why its great: Making its triumphant return from The Sims 2, the hot tub is even sexier this time around, since adults have the option to go skinny-dipping (provided there are no underage Sims on the lot). Proving to have amazing lung capacity, the WooHooing Sims completely disappear under the water during the act, save for the occasional body part poking its way out. Between the heat, the bubbles, and the jets, the hot tub provides a super-classy way for your Sims to bump uglies.

Celebrity Trailer (The Sims 3: Late Night expansion)

How to get it on: To get the celebrity trailer, you need to have your Sim become a level five celebrity in The Sims 3: Late Night. Its not easy, but with enough schmoozing, youll be able to pull it off. After that, you just need to find a spot to place the trailer, and have two loving Sims pick it as their WooHoo spot.

Why its great: The celebrity trailer is an elite, hard-to-get status symbol, so WooHooing there says that your Sim has truly made it. He or she is a superstar who can have anything or anyone. Like the tent, it can be carried in a Sims personal inventory, which gives the added bonus of having a portable, semi-private WooHoo spot wherever your celebrity ventures. Hey, you never know!

Shower (The Sims 3: Generations expansion)

How to get it on: As long as your Sim has a romantic interest on the property, all you have to do is click on the shower for the WooHoo option to appear.

Why its great: WooHooing in the shower is fantastic for several reasons. In addition to the mood boost that comes with the act, doing it in the shower also fills up the Sims hygiene bars, making it a multi-purpose spot for romance. On top of that, since all you have to do is click on it to make the WooHoo option appear, it can cut out a lot of the tedious dialogue and foreplay required for other spots. Look, making out and holding hands are nice and all, but sometimes Sims just want to get down to business.

Tree House (The Sims 3: Generations expansion)

How to get it on: Got a tree house in your yard? Having a Sim choose click on it when his or her lover is on the lot will bring up the WooHoo option.

Why its great: This family-friendly spot was introduced in The Sims 3: Generations, and offered children a new place to play but we know you really put one in your yard in hopes of getting some hot WooHoo action. Sorry kids, but mommy and daddy need some alone time in your beloved tree house - go play Madden or SSX or something. The idea of parents who so desperately desire a bit of outdoor action that theyll defile a childs play area is hilarious. Your Sims might end up with a negative moodlet from splinters, but its totally worth it.

Haystack (The Sims 3: Pets expansion)

How to get it on: Presumably for feeding horses for The Sims 3: Pets, you can place a haystack in your yard and have two romantically involved Sims choose the WooHoo option that pops up when you click on it.

Why its great: Like the sarcophagus, this is one of those spots in which it cant possibly be comfortable to WooHoo. But when the mood strikes, nothing will stop your Sims - not even the idea of hay in, um, awkward places. Just dont be surprised if your pets stop by to watch or graze. That hay was supposed to be for the horses, after all.

Box of Mystery (The Sims 3: Showtime expansion)

How to get it on: Youll need to have a skilled magician to even have access to the Box of Mystery. After that, its simply a matter of finding another Sim willing to be your...erm... assistant.

Why its great: First of all, its another portable WooHoo spot, so you know what that means - you can get it on anywhere, anytime. In a park? Sure. Onstage during the middle of a magic show? If youre daring enough! Just dont think youre fooling anyone; if you pop into a Box of Mystery with another Sim and nonchalantly pop out a few minutes later, people will talk.

Photo Booth (The Sims 3: Showtime expansion)

How to get it on: Put a photo booth in your house in The Sims 3: Showtime, or take a date to a location that already has one. Click, WooHoo, enjoy!

Why its great: This is another returning WooHoo spot, in this case coming back from The Sims 2: Nightlife. Since most Sims dont have photo booths in their houses, that means its generally a public WooHoo place - but hey, if thats what your Sims are into, who are we to judge? Just make sure you destroy any resulting pictures that pop out afterwards. No one needs to see that.

Horse WooHoo: Stall (The Sims 3: Pets expansion)

How to get it on: Youll need a stall on your lot, as well as two horses of opposite sexes who are very friendly. After lots of socializing, the Try for Foal romantic option should pop up between the horses, after which theyll automatically go for the nearest stall.

Why its great: Because horses need love too. Okay, sure, technically theyre breeding, not WooHooing, but who cares? Theyre obviously doing something dirty in there, considering the entire stall becomes pixilated once the breeding begins.

Dog WooHoo: Doghouse (The Sims 3: Pets expansion)

How to get it on: The method for getting dogs to breed is very similar to that of horses - only they, of course, try for puppies, not foals.

Why its great: Again, the technical and unsexy term breeding doesnt describe what appears to be going on in that doghouse. Falling flower petals? Romantic music? So much action the house is shaking? You cant fool us, dogs - youre totally WooHooing in there!

Cat WooHoo: Cathouse (The Sims 3: Pets expansion)

How to get it on: See Stall and Doghouse. Take two cats of opposite sexes, socialize them until theyre very good friends, and try for kittens.

Why its great: On the one hand, this is exactly the same as the Doghouse option, only with cats.

On the other hand, there are cats. And if theres one thing the internet needs, its more cat videos.