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Shadow of the Colossus lizard location map - find all the lizards and max out you stamina

Shadow of the Colossus lizard location map
(Image credit: Sony)

Finding some Shadow of the Colossus lizard locations will boost your stamina by eating their tails, making it easier to climb the creatures you have to kill. There are 77 shining lizards to find though out the game and we've got them all on our map.

Unlike the PS3 version of the game you don't need to find all of them any more for the associated trophy, just the one will do. We've got them all here though, just in case you want to grab them for all for old times sake. You'll always find one or two around save points which is an easy starter. The rest require some tracking down with anything up to three appearing in one spot so don't think you've finished just because you've got one. The easiest way to grab the tail is to shoot them from a distance, before they get skittish and start running. You can whack them with your sword, or run over them with your horse there'll be some chasin'. 

(Image credit: Sony)

If you really want to go after all of the Shadow of The Colossus lizards then you can get a lizard detection stone. You'll have to start a new game plus in the time attack mode and defeat 8 colossi. It'll reveal lizards on the map which will obviously help you find them but also make sure you don't miss any - if the icon stays on the map, there's still one lurking around to get. 

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