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SFX Issue 207

We catch up with Chris Hemsworth, the mighty Thor himself, and talk Avengers , Natalie Portman and comic books...

On sale Wednesday 9 March , also available to buy digitally for £2.46.

Thunder Cat

It can’t be easy playing an Earth-bound thunder god with a serious attitude problem, but Chris Hemsworth looks to be the man to pull it off. We grabbed the strapping Aussie actor for a one-on-one as anticipation builds for Thor ’s big screen debut.

Close Encounters

There’s something in the skies, and it doesn’t look friendly... Our alien invasion special takes in Cowboys And Aliens , Spielberg’s forthcoming small-screen outing Falling Skies , an informative How To Kill An Alien guide, a wander around war-torn Hollywood for a look at Battle: Los Angeles and a peek at Joe Cornish’s new hoodies versus ETs film Attack The Block . Phew!

Happy Camping

It feels like only yesterday that we were all living it up by the seaside at Camber Sands; throwing shapes in the church of dance with Craig Charles; meeting a full-on legend in George Takei; whoopin’ and hollerin’ as the Moff made an appearance; great memories I’m sure you’ll agree (unless you weren’t there, in which case, have you heard of a comapny called Rekal?). We’ve picked some of the weekend’s best pics in a celebration of a SFX Weekender well done. Roll on next year!

It’s Only A Model...

Camelot! Where knights of the round table dance whenever they’re able, or, in the case of gritty new US take on the Arthurian legend, sex it up like champs in between vigorous sword fights and adult-themed drama. We take a look behind the scenes at the star-studded new series.

Cartoon Capers

Featuring the sexiest cartoon ever committed to celluloid, Bob Hoskins’ finest performance and a full supporting cast of Disney greats, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the classic under the microscope this month.


Author Alan Campbell , Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and True Blood ’s Denis O’Hare get the full profile treatment...

Retro Features

Ridley Scott’s forgotten fantasy Legend , the many incarnations of The Hobbit and the classic ’70s arcade game Space Invaders all evoke pangs of nostalgia this month.

Don’t Miss:


The Wolverine is coming, but what do you want to see from Logan’s Japanese adventure?


Bedlam , Being Human (in both its UK and US incarnations), The Cape , Chuck , Fringe , Marchlands , Outcasts and lots, lots more appear in this month’s Spoilerzone.

  • We speak to producer Marcus Wilson about the new, darker incarnation of Doctor Who .
  • Duncan Jones discusses Source Code , Jake Gyllenhaal and future projects.
  • We speak to comics overlord Brian Bendis as Powers is confirmed for a TV series.


Paul , Drive Angry , Skyline , Let Me In , Summer Wars , The Man Who Fell To Earth , Hull Zero Three , The Neon Court , Stan Lee's The Traveler , Dragon Age II and much, much more...

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