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Come with us on an adventure in space and time as we look back at An Unearthly Child , look forward to a multi-Doctor special with showrunner Steven Moffat, and zip all over the place trying to keep up with William Shatner…

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Happy Birthday to Who

You already know The Day of the Doctor is going to be the best episode ever, but here, let Steven Moffat get you even more excited.

Time Machine: An Unearthly Child

We step back in time to when we first stepped back in time in a time machine with a Time Lord. About time, too.

Misfits Series Five

The gang slip on those orange boiler suits one last time as the much-loved Misfits comes to a close with series five.

William Shatner

The living legend talks Trek , Tek , one-man shows and spending $30 million to see his dream up on screen…

Red Alert

There’s a new Dracula adaptation on the horizon, with promises of less hokey accents and more intelligent characters. Count us in. Plus, we look forward to a spate of comic book spin-offs with Gotham , Agent Carter and John Constantine all lined up for the small screen.

Days of Future Past

X-Men, time travel and the 1970s come together in our preview of next year’s mutant spectacular. Join us as we look forward to the one era when Wolverine’s sideburns were fashionable.


We ask you, the readers, what you want to see from the Twelfth Doctor as Peter Capaldi takes over the TARDIS. Moustache-twirling is top of the list, and quite right too.

Reviewed and Rated

Up in front of the SFX jury this month are Gravity, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, The Wolf Children, World War Z on DVD, American Horror Story: Asylum Season Two , and Doctor Who ’s The Tenth Planet and Terror of the Zygons .

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