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See Tiger Woods play PGA Tour 12 on Jimmy Fallon

He may not be on the cover, but Tiger Woods is still committed to promoting the latest game in EA Sports's Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise. Last night, Woods appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he, Fallon, and fellow guest Amy Poehler teed off on a par 3 competition.

The appearance was the first time Woods has been on a late night talk show since his sex scandal came to light in late 2009. He had appeared on Fallon's show before the scandal.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is the first in the long-running golf series to not feature Woods on the cover. Instead, there is a wide shot of a golf course and the official flag of the Masters tournament. That led many to believe EA was trying to reduce the golfing legend's association to the game, but Woods proved last night that he is still the man.

Above: The show's producers decided to use the PS3 version of PGA Tour 12, presumably because the glowing-orb PlayStation Move controllers would provide comedic fodder for Poehler and Fallon

In his interview segment with Fallon, Woods smiled and laughed as Fallon thanked him for providing late night comics with unending jokes about his flailing career and golf-sex innuendos. However, Woods had the last laugh during the last segment of the show. During alengthy demonstration of the new game, Woods handily outperformed his competitors.

Here's a glimpse:

Mar 17, 2011

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