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Robert Rodriguez considers his future...

With his experiment in exploit-o-grot Grindhouse tanking at American multiplexes, you might think that Robert Rodriguez would be licking his wounds and taking some time off to ponder his next move.

But let’s face it: that’s hardly RR’s style. So while he kicks Sin City 2 into high gear, he’s also considering two other projects, with a pair of possible movies that would certainly be high profile, if a little unexpected from a man who likes to go his own way.

He’s currently nattering with Warners about taking on the live-action version of 1960s cartoon The Jetsons, which would see the space-age family brought to flesh and blood life. With a script by Adam Goldberg, writer of the upcoming Star Wars-loving Fanboys, it’s apparently ready to shoot if Rodriguez signs on the dotted line.

But then there’s also Land Of The Lost, which itself is based on a TV show, albeit the 1970s fantasy series that Will Ferrell is attached to. Universal has been trying for ages to get a film version into the works and if they could pin down Rodriguez, chances are it might finally grind into production.

So much to choose from – though having seen the Flintstones films, we really hope he can make something a little better. Scratch that - a LOT better.