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Readers' Questions - Laurence Fishburne

He sailed into the heart of darkness in Apocalypse Now. He killed for Christopher Walken's crimelord in King Of New York. He explained to us just what the hell the matrix was in, er, The Matrix. And now he's ready to celebrate the release of his spanking new drama Akeelah And The Bee by facing his toughest task yet: your questions.

Here's one to start you off:

  1. Biker Boyz: dear god, why?

Can you do any better?

Write your pithy-but-profound posers in the box below and enter your name, where you live and e-mail address before submitting.

Be sure to get yer questions to us by Sunday 2 April please.

*** This feature is now closed ***

Thanks to everyone that emailed us questions for Mr Fishburne. Look out for the interview in a future issue...