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Rainbow Six Siege will continue its game of cops and home invaders for another year

Rainbow Six Siege was a fairly big roll of the dice for Ubisoft, taking its slow-paced, tactical military game franchise with super-serious plotlines and turning it into a hectic, multiplayer-only affair. But apparently that gamble has paid off, as the official Rainbow Six Twitter account has announced that another year's worth of content is coming to Siege.

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The game had - appropriately enough - six major updates over the course of 2016, some of which added new characters, while others added more weapons, gadgets, and maps. It's not known at this time how much new content will be added for Rainbow Six Siege's season two, or when it will begin.

But if you're a fan of Ubisoft's newest take on the series, it should be of at least some comfort that things are only getting started.

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