PS3 spotted at Leipzig

Thursday 24 August 2006
Like Nintendo, Sony has decided not to grace the currently running Leipzig Game Convention with any playable games for its new console, PS3, instead opting to show only a selection of - mostly - previously aired trailers. However, it does have a machine for show goers to gaze at longingly and we've thoughtfully taken a picture of it so you can eye it up for yourself from the comfort of your own chair.

It stands alone on a pedestal, accompanied by a solitary PS3 controller. It might not be plugged in and is just sitting there all shiny and quiet like, but that hasn't stopped it from being a constant crowd magnet.

Above: The power of PlayStation is so great, that it doesn't even need to be switched on to draw the crowds

People are hungry for PS3 but, unfortunately, they're going to leave Leipzig with pretty empty bellies - it looks like this year's Tokyo Game Show, running from 22-24 September, is going to be Sony's major focus in the run up to the console's November launch.