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PS3 on track for best year yet

Sony expects that by the time its fiscal year wraps up on March 31, 2011, it will have sold 15 million PS3 systems over the past 365 days. That would be more than any year before.

Unlike the Wii and Xbox 360, which sold very well in the beginning and are working to encourage new sales, the PS3 started off slowly and may befinally picking up steam.

Sony executive VP Kaz Hirai thanked the Move motion controller for boosting sales in the last few months of the 2010 calendar year. The company has previously claimed to have sold 2.5 million Moves ahead of the holiday shopping rush.

"Sales at the end of the year are as we expected," said Hirai in a recent discussion.

Sony's "10 year plan" may be working out after all. It just took four years to get in motion.


Dec 22, 2010