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Preview Denny O'Neil's final DC story for free

(Image credit: DC)

DC's Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular went on sale in comic book stores and digital platforms Tuesday, celebrating 8 decades of the franchise.

Creators telling new stories to mark the anniversary in the $9.99 special include Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, James Tynion IV, Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Peter Tomasi, Robert Venditti, and others. The special also includes the final original story written by the late Denny O'Neil, who passed away earlier this month.

‘Time Alone,’ featuring art by legendary Green Arrow artist Mike Grell, reunites Green Lantern Hal Jordan with Oliver Queen in a flashback story from their days as ‘Hard Travelin' Heroes.’

(Image credit: DC)

(Image credit: DC)

"A particularly violent encounter with the villain Clock King puts Hal and Ollie back out on the open road, both of them reexamining how they fight crime, and how a different approach could make them both better heroes," reads DC's description.

‘Hard Travelin' Heroes’ is of course the colloquial title of O'Neil and Neal Adams '70s run on Green Lantern in what's also known as the socially-conscious ‘Green Lantern/Green Arrow’ era.

The story arc introduced a revolutionary new approach to comic books, one concerned with social and political issues of the day - "what many people now are referring to as 'woke' culture," according to the publisher. 

From racial conflict to urban issues to the drug addiction of Oliver Queen’s young sidekick Speedy, the title didn’t shy away from difficult topics, and it influenced years of socially relevant comic books throughout the industry. 

In honor of O'Neil’s final story for DC, the publisher has provided a free online preview of ‘Time Alone,’ available for reading here.