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Pokemon Sword and Shield's holiday-themed Max Raid is now live

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword and Shield's latest Max Raid event is live right now and it's full of holiday cheer. From now until December 26, you'll encounter way more Delibirds in Wild Areas and get extra rewards for defeating them. 

Sure, Delibird isn't all that interesting, but it is seasonally appropriate - not only does it look pretty much exactly like a Pokemon cosplaying as Santa, but this Delivery Pokemon also gives out presents! Plus, you'll net more candies than usual for defeating Dynamax Delibird and a handful of Ice-type TRs, which are single-use items of high value that can teach your Pokemon some new tricks.

But Delibird the gift-giver isn't the only Pokemon you'll see more of in Max Raid battles during this holiday event. From now until January 9 you're more likely to run into Gigantamax version of Butterfree and Snorlax (who has big post-Christmas dinner energy 24/7). Sword players will run into more Gigantamax Drednaw and Sandaconda (so tempted to call it Santaconda), and Shield players will encounter more Gigantamax Corviknight and Centiskorch. 

The holiday Max Raid event isn't the only thing worth celebrating - until January 15 you can get a few rare Poke Balls via Mystery Gift, and you can claim a free Gigantamax Meowth. Nothing says the holiday season like a giant cat, am I right?

If this holiday-themed Max Raid event has got you feeling full of cheer and ready to enter the Wild Area, you may want to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area guide, which breaks down the entire map and where you can find which Pokemon. 

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